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Main idea

AllRecall Consul running console application for test in the control window. The control window is a smart console window developed to record keyboard events, create test scripts, and playback the recorded scripts.

Note: For showing test script editor press button on top of the window.

Record test scripts

Test script is a VBScript using internal AllRecall Consul objects. In record mode when user press some key in the control window, this keyboard event write to test script as calling correspondent method of internal object Console. For start recording press button

Console.PutKeys("This is a simple test string")

Play test scripts

The recorded test script is small program on VBScript language and can be played. It is mean AllRecall Consul will be started internal VBScript-engine and executed test script from first line to last. All recorded in the script keyboards events will be replayed on the control window as if user pressed keys. For start playing press button

Note: Internal playing test script is disabled until your register your instance of program and enter right serial code in the registration window of the AllRecall Consul.
However, you can play recoded scripts from external VBScript - see below.

Testing UNIX applications

In additions to testing Windows and DOS console applications, AllRecall Console is suitable to test of applications running on a UNIX systems. In that case you need to run some console Telnet client under AllRecall Console and to run UNIX applications in this telnet session. We recommend to use, just for example, Console Telnet or Tn for Win32 and strong recommend not to use telnet.exe shipping with Microsoft Windows.

How to use AllRecall Consul functions from external VBScript

Previously recorded test scripts can be saved into file (with .vbs extension) and runned directly from Windows Explorer. All one need to do that is add in beginning of the test script creation of Console object AllRecallConsul.ARLConsole.

Dim App, Console

App = CreateObject("AllRecallConsul.ARLConsole")
Console = App.RunCommand("test.exe")

' below is test script

Console.PutKeys("This is simple test string")

MsgBox "Ok"

AllRecall Consul API functions can be used from another program languages also, such as Visual Basic, Visual C++, Java, Delphi.

Changed: 05.05.2005